Tour & Photo-shoots by caballero


3 hour adventure (Denver)

  • We will pick you up on a Tesla Model X
  • We will drive you to 3 different, beautiful, iconic and historically relevant spots in Denver Metro.
  • We will do 3 full photo-shoots, 1 at each location. Sessions by an international award winning photographer.
  • Meanwhile you'll enjoy artisan truffles, bite-sized classic creamy centers drenched in milk, dark and white chocolate + champagne.
  •  You will receive all the beautifully crafted professional portraits that will make you remember this day for the rest of your life!

Who is this adventure for? 

  1. Couples celebrating an anniversary, looking for an amazing, original, interesting and memorable evening.
  2. If you are planing to propose, we will capture the proposal then continue to the photo-shoot tour.
  3. Visitors to the beautiful city of Denver who want to learn about the city and get more than just cell-phone selfies. 
  4. Adventurous couples, friends and families looking to have a true urban adventure!

  • In the 90's limo rides were really popular.
  • Get on the limo
  • Arrive at destination
  • Get off the limo
  • Take pictures.
  • Go home.
  • Tesla X arrives for you and your loved one(s).
  • Enjoy artisan truffle chocolates + champagne.
  • Tour the city, arrive at a beautiful urban iconic destination.
  • Professional photo-shoot starts! By award winner photographer.
  • Repeat 3 times.
  • Get your portraits the same day!!
  • Enjoy the magazine-quality memories, for the rest of your life!

Frequently asked questions

How many people can enjoy the ride/photo-shoot?

Up to 4 people, sorry no pets, absolutely no smoking or  vaping  in the Tesla or during the tour. Must show valid state identification to drink.

Can I drive the Tesla? 

Insurance regulations forbid us to allow the client to drive the Tesla.

Can we take pictures with the Tesla? 


Who gets to pick the locations of the photo-shoot?

The reservation is only provisional, we need to have a consultation with you first, at our studio in Broomfield, CO. We will welcome you in our studio and work-out the locations and a schedule that adapts to your specific needs/wants and fits the mileage and time limit. If we cannot agree on the logistics then we will issue a full refund.

How long does the adventure last?

From beginning to end 3 hours.

How far away can we go?

There are many interesting and beautiful places within Denver Metro, 80 Miles is the total drive range, from pick-up to drop-off. 

When do I need to make the reservation?

2-3 weeks in advance, remember we need to meet to plan the details. 

How many pictures will I get?

You will get all the pictures, high definition with non-exclusive copyright license. We may use the portraits in our website, social media and blog.

Who is the photographer? 

Jesse Caballero is an award winner photographer and tutor of many photographers.

Why not a limousine or a Mercedes-Benz?

Hey the 90s called they want their Benz, BMWs and limos back.

We are a family business in Broomfield Colorado, because we know that the best moments in life are ephemeral, we took on the task of turning them into beautiful crafted videos and portraits that will be admired by many generations!

And yes we are an Amazon top rated seller, If you don't love your experience you are set with our Money Back Guarantee!!


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