Rent our award-winning Video & photo booth.

First in Belgium, then in France, Germany followed and now in the United States.


A machine that looks amazing 

  • Features an all steel finish (not cheap plastic)
  • Intelligent design, Compact and elegant.
  • Very Sleek  (No printer cables or messy contraptions)
  • Impressive LED setup.
  • Highest quality photo and video-animation camera.
  • Utilizes touch-screen interactive technology.  
  • Open-concept allows for portraits of large groups of people
  • High end gear is the secret to make you and your friends look super-fab. 
  • Professional studio lighting for the most luxurious photo experience. 

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Premium Props Add-on Displayed

Premium Props Add-on Displayed

a machine that takes magazine-like portraits

  • Managed by award wining masters of lighting and photography,
  • We are all about quality. Quality portraits. Quality photo-booths. Quality prints. Quality experiences- who markets themselves as a quality photographer these days? Sadly, not enough folks!
  • Our Iconic lighting setup ensures magazine-like portraits.
  • Each image is enhanced before final delivery.
  • Be assured your pictures are going to look amazing!

The modernmachine that includes everything

  • High-speed Cellular Uploads | Allows for instant online distribution of your pictures across email and social media services, such a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. 
  • Online Event Gallery | You will receive a link to a on-line gallery that contains every photo captured at your event.
  • Lifetime Digital Archive | The images will be archived via secured server so your may retrieve them after decades.
  • Flash Drive of Event Photos | A USB drive + release
  • Custom Color Filters | Choose one of many Instagram-style photo filters. From elegant Black & White to Technicolor.
  • Custom Screen Design | Our group of designers will create a graphic interface featuring your own corporate logo. For social events our team of creatives will come up with something truly special.
  • Custom print layouts | Custom unlimited branded prints included.
  • Customized theme | If your event has a theme we can provide custom props* and cabin overlays*, in addition to print layouts, and screen design that perfectly fit your theme.
  • Wide mode selection | Picture, Animated Gif, Video, Green Screen, Boomerang, Instaprint, Studio Photo, either way you will get incredible images and tons of fun.
  • Booth Attendants | Our super friendly attendants add excitement for an amazing client experience and to evoke feelings of extreme happiness.

You seriously won't believe how much fun people have with our booth


(720) 436-0695


FREQUENTLY asked questions

Yes, but why are you so much better than the standard photo booth?

 We are professional photographers, we are masters at lighting, we have acquired high-end studio gear and many years of experience. All of that is funneled into delivering magazine-quality portraits and the best experience in everything we do. 

Is the booth for corporate events only or also for weddings and social events?

Our photo-booth is an excellent marketing tool for companies, but is also a great option for corporate parties, weddings and every other type of social event!

Can I have booth outdoors?

Yes, weather permitting but if rain is likely, we will need an alternate space indoors or under a covered area. Please remember that we need access to power. 

How many People can fit in the booth?

This is a modern open-air, open-concept booth and can fit large groups of people, but it all depends on the area available in front of the booth. 

What are the space requirements?

As little as 7 feet x 7 feet to properly fit the booth and prop table. 

Is setup and tear down included?

Time spent setting up and tearing down the booth does not count against your booked time.

Why should I get a photo booth at my event?

Don't just get a booth, get our intelligent machine. Our booth was created to entertain your guests and to capture the incredible memories of your event.


The picture.jpg
the mr picture.jpg
  • Packages include setup and tear-down.
  • Travel is included up to 30 miles outside Denver. 
  • (720) 436-0695

We are professional photographers

custom options at additional fees 

  1. Mirror Photo-booth: Is also available on select dates.
  2. Custom vanity URL: Easy sharing at your event via
  3. Live Gallery: A real-time feed of all the videos or images displayed on our ultra bright projector or 50 inch OLED screen. Extra fun, guaranteed.

(720) 436-0695

Corporate tools for marketing campaigns

  • Vouchers are printed adjacent to the consumer portraits. Vouchers drive traffic to your store, those customers may then buy other non-discounted items. Vouchers introduce you to new customers.
  • Data harvesting tools enable you to collect valuable consumer insights. (data collection, lead information, survey)
  • Lottery incentivases the consumer to share their information in exchange of a reward. Adds excitement to the campaign.

Leather books are handmade with gorgeous leather and thick archival paper.

  • Guest book: Large - 15 ½ w x 11 ¾ h (inches)
  • Photo album: Small - 6 ½ w x 8 h (inches)